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Lifelong developmental nursing

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End of Life Care , Long Term Follow Up/Transition

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    Osaka Prefecture University  Graduate School, Division of Nursing 


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  • Factor promoting educational achievement/employment for survivors of childhood acute myeloid leukemia (AML)

    Miyashita Kayoko, Shimada Akira, Kanai Rie, Hayakawa Akira, Rikiishi Takeshi, Tamura Shinichi, Sato Atsushi, Horibe Keizo, Osugi Yuko, Kobayashi Kyoko, Nakagami-Yamaguchi Etsuko, Adachi Souichi, Hasegawa Daiichiro, Iwamoto Shotaro, Kobayashi Ryouji, Terui Kiminori, Imamura Toshihiko

    The Japanese Society of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology, The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology  58 ( 1 ) 12 - 18 2021.06  [Refereed]

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    <p>Purpose: To determine the factors involved in facilitating the social life (educational achievement and employment) of AML survivors. Participants and Methods: Ten AML survivors aged 15 years or older who were treated in accordance with ANLL91 and AML99 protocols in their childhood and are currently undergoing follow-up at JACLS participating institutions underwent semistructured interviews. A descriptive and qualitative analysis was conducted on the basis of the contents of the interviews. Results: We extracted six categories and 23 subcategories. When AML survivors obtained educational achievement and employment, they "adjust and convince themselves" to have a "sense of purpose" and to "do things cautiously." During their course of treatment, they also consulted with "those who supported them," such as doctors, friends, and teachers, as well as "those who guided them," including their brothers and sisters. "To maintain the wish to return to school and proceed to the next educational level" was an essential element for educational achievement and employment. Discussion: Doctors and nurses need to assess physical and social functioning among childhood cancer survivors and introduce them to those who can provide support, such as social workers and cancer support counselors, aside from providing continuous information and support for returning to school as an essential element for educational achievement and employment.</p>

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