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Intelligent robotics, Rehabilitation science/Welfare engineering

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monitoring engineering, sensor network, mechatronics, robotics, human behavior measurement, nursing engineering, smart home, Unconstrained physiological measurement

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  • IEEE

  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society

  • IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

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  • Osaka City University   Graduate School of Engineering   Physical Electronics and Informatics Course   Professor  

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  • 2015.10

    The University of Tokyo   Department of Lifesupport Technology (Molten), Graduate School of Medicicne   Project Lecturer

  • 2011.04

    The University of Tokyo   Department of Lifesupport Technology (Molten), Graduate School of Medicicne   Project Assistant Professor

  • 2006.04

    The University of Tokyo   Mechano-Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology   Project Assistant Professor

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    The University of Tokyo 

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    The University of Tokyo   Faculty of Engineering  


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  • Prevention of diabetic foot ulcers using a smartphone and mobile thermography: a case study

    Makoto Oe, Kahori Tsuruoka, Yumiko Ohashi, Kimie Takehara, Hiroshi Noguchi, Taketoshi Mori, Toshimasa Yamauchi, Hiroi Sanada

    J Wound Care  30 ( 2 ) 116 - 119 2021.02  [Refereed]

  • Trial of Probe Position Estimation for Virtual Ultrasonographic Image Display during Vein Puncture using an RGB-D Camera


    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec)  2021 ( 0 ) 2A1 - E02 2021  [Refereed]

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    <p>We now have been developing education system for nurses to learn vein puncture using ultrasonography. As a part of the system, we propose two method to estimate position of mockup probe on horizontal plane from single RGB-D camera. One is a method that tracks probe color region robustly using particle filter. The other is a method that searches the best match position between point clouds and given probe contour using ICP algorithm. The experiment that a user imitate probe movement was conducted. The experiment demonstrated that mean of position error on horizontal plane was approximately 1.6 cm using Particle Filter.</p>

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  • Factors Associated with Callus Formation in the Plantar Region through Gait Measurement in Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy: An Observational Case-Control Study

    Amemiya Ayumi, Noguchi Hiroshi, Oe Makoto, Takehara Kimie, Ohashi Yumiko, Suzuki Ryo, Yamauchi Toshimasa, Kadowaki Takashi, Sanada Hiromi, Mori Taketoshi

    SENSORS  20 ( 17 )  2020.09  [Refereed]


  • Development of an Electrical Impedance Tomography Spectroscopy for Pressure Ulcer Monitoring Tool: Preliminary study

    SooIn Kang, Shuhei Noyori, Hiroshi Noguchi, Toshiaki Takahashi, Hiromi Sanada, Taketoshi Mori

    proceedings of42nd Annual International Conferences of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society(EMBC 2020)    5073 - 5076 2020.07  [Refereed]

  • Bayesian statistic model for nurse call data considering time-series, individual patient variabilities and massive zero-count call data

    Hiroshi Noguchi, Maki Miyahara, Soo In Kang, Shuhei Noyori, Toshiaki Takahashi, Hiromi Sanada, Taketoshi Mori

    proceedings of42nd Annual International Conferences of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society(EMBC 2020)    5598 - 5601 2020.07  [Refereed]

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Books etc 【 display / non-display

  • Bioengineering Nursing: New Horizons of Nursing Research (Nursing-issues, Problems and Challenges)

    Hiromi Sanada, Gojiro Nakagami, Takeo Minematsu, Nao Tamai, Yoshimi Nishijima, Taketoshi Mori, Hiroshi Noguchi, Shinji Iizaka, Ryoko Murayama, Makoto Oe, Mikako Yoshida, Kuichi Yabunaka, Toshiko Kaitani. (Part: Joint Work )

    Nova Science Pub Inc  2014.04

Review Papers (Misc) 【 display / non-display

  • 大規模ナースコールログデータのコール数・種別の病棟間比較と経年増加要因

    森武俊, 森武俊, 野口博史, 宮原真希, 真田弘美, 池上充洋, 山崎清一, 小柳礼恵, 山本千恵美, 小見山智恵子

    日本医療情報学会看護学術大会論文集  20th   91‐92 2019.09  [Refereed]  [Invited]


  • 整形病棟の大規模ナースコールログデータにおける疾患・手術に伴うコール数の比較

    野口博史, 宮原真希, 倉持江美子, 荒川清美, 小柳礼恵, 山本千恵美, 小見山智恵子, 真田弘美, 真田弘美, 高橋聡明, 森武俊, 森武俊

    日本医療情報学会看護学術大会論文集  20th   42‐45 2019.09  [Refereed]  [Invited]


  • Method to estimate position of catheter inside vein in cross‐sectional ultrasonography images

    野口博史, 高橋聡明, 村山陵子, 真田弘美, 森武俊

    LIFE講演概要集(CD-ROM)  2018 (Web)   ROMBUNNO.OS7‐4 (WEB ONLY) 2018.09  [Refereed]  [Invited]


  • Visualization of Shear Force During Walking and Shoe Fitting

    NOGUCHI Hiroshi, SANADA Hiromi, MORI Taketoshi

    Japanese Society for Foot Care, Japanese Journal of Foot Care  16 ( 1 ) 13 - 17 2018  [Refereed]  [Invited]

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    DOI CiNii

  • インターディシプリナリーアプローチを用いた足白癬の早期発見方法と予防ケアの開発

    竹原君江, 大江真琴, 野口博史, 峰松健夫, 峰松健夫, 福田真佑, 大橋優美子, 門脇孝, 真田弘美, 真田弘美

    日本フットケア学会年次学術集会プログラム・抄録集  16th   90 2018  [Refereed]  [Invited]


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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 【 display / non-display

  • Development of Wound Status Scoring Support System Based on Machine Learning of Wound Image Database

    Project/Area Number : 20K21700  Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Research (Exploratory) Partaker / Other

    Project Year :


  • Sheet-type wound monitoring system based on impedance tomography method

    Project/Area Number : 20H04560  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B) Partaker / Other

    Project Year :


  • A diabetes foot ulcer prevention support system: The development of the risk state detection function and inspection of the usefulness

    Project/Area Number : 20K10780  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C) Partaker / Other

    Project Year :


  • Integrated Large Data Analysis of Nurse Call Data with Patients' and Nurses' Behavior for Relieving Busy Circumstances

    Project/Area Number : 17H02130  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B) Partaker / Other

    Project Year :


  • Daily living foot load estimation system using shoe attachable sensor data for prevention of diabetic foot lesion

    Project/Area Number : 16K12949  Grant-in-Aid for challenging Exploratory Research Partaker / Other

    Project Year :


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    We fabricated a compact, thin weighing sensor device that can be easily attached to the footwear, and estimated the load applied to the foot in daily life. We also tried to clarify the gait where an excessive load occurs and the situation where the high load continues, and the load reduction method and prevention method. We showed the correlation between daily walking of healthy volunteers, in particular the pressure applied to the forefoot. Subsequently, we carried out unrestrained long-time measurement accumulation to find when and where, under what circumstances the large force occurs. Altogether, the method to estimate the force load of the sole forefoot force load was designed, and the validity and reliability were improved. Furthermore, the gait characteristics of diabetic patients were confirmed by simultaneous measurement of force load and leg / foot movement by the examination measurement of diabetic patients' short distance daily walking.

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