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Sugimoto Campus

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  • The University of Tokyo -  Doctor of Engineering

  • Osaka University -  Master of Science

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Surface Science, physics for quantum beam

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  • Development of nobel quantum beams of atoms and ions, and their applications to surface analysis/fabrication in nano-scale combined with the advanced spectroscopic measurement technique.

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ion/electron beam source

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  • Development of Spin-polarized Ion Spectroscopy and Ion-Surface Interaction

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    Keyword in research subject:  Spin-polarized Ion, Auger Neutraization, Surface Spin Density

  • Study on the local elctron spectroscopy of material surfaces


    Keyword in research subject:  core level electron emission

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  • The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation Grant


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  • Osaka City University   Graduate School of Engineering   Physical Electronics and Informatics Course   Associate Professor  

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  • 1996

    Osaka City University, Department of Engineering  

  • 1994

    Department of Materials Science, Kanazawa Institute of Technology  

  • 1990

    Aono Atomcraft Project, ERATO, JRDC  

  • 1986

    Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Co. Ltd.  

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    Osaka University  Graduate School, Division of Natural Science 

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    Osaka University   Faculty of Science  


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  • μPH-FIMを用いた単一表面原子領域の局所仕事関数分布の測定

    太田 康, 小林 中

    公益社団法人 日本表面科学会 Abstract of annual meeting of the Surface Science of Japan  37 ( 0 )  2017  [Refereed]

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  • マイクロプローブホール電界イオン顕微鏡を用いた単一輝点内部のイオン生成率分布の精密測定

    太田 康, 小林 中

    公益社団法人 日本表面科学会 Abstract of annual meeting of the Surface Science of Japan  36 ( 0 )  2016  [Refereed]

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    DOI CiNii

  • マイクロプローブホール電界イオン顕微鏡を用いた単一原子領域内のイオン生成率分布の精密測定

    太田 康, 脇村 竜也, 森岡 諒太郎, 小林 中

    公益社団法人 日本表面科学会 Abstract of annual meeting of the Surface Science of Japan  35 ( 0 )  2015  [Refereed]

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    DOI CiNii

  • 電界イオン顕微鏡における電界吸着原子上の電場強度の定量的評価II

    豊泉 周也, 山田 達気, 太田 康, 小林 中

    公益社団法人 日本表面科学会 Abstract of annual meeting of the Surface Science of Japan  34 ( 0 )  2014  [Refereed]

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    DOI CiNii

  • パルス計数計測法を用いた単一W原子上のHe-Ne電界吸着機構の研究

    小林 中, 鉄本 健太, 熊谷 寛

    公益社団法人 日本表面科学会 表面科学 : hyomen kagaku = Journal of the Surface Science Society of Japan  34 ( 8 ) 409 - 414 2013.08  [Refereed]

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    For investigating the interaction of He and Ne in the field adsorption and ionization process above a single tungsten atom, field ion signals have been directly measured as a function of time using a micro-probe hole field ion microscope combined with a pulse counting analysis. Observed ion signals clearly show the transitions between a field adsorbed He state and a field adsorbed Ne state, and enable the determination of average adsorption time of He and Ne. Simple probabilistic model of adsorption and exchange of atoms at field adsorption site taking account of gas densities close to the surface well reproduced the observed behavior of average adsorption times. The results indicate the pronounced increase of Ne gas density near the sample surface. Particularly in the case of an initial mixed ratio of less than 0.5% of Ne for He, the increment reaches more than a hundred times.

    DOI CiNii

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Books etc 【 display / non-display

  • Nanolithography and Atomic Modification on Silicon Surfaces by STM

    F. Grey, A. Kobayashi, H. Uchida, D. H. Huang, M. Aono (Part: Joint Work )

    SPIE Optical Engineering Press//Technology of Proximal Probe Lithography  1993

Review Papers (Misc) 【 display / non-display

  • Production of spin-polarized helium ions

    A. Kobayashi

    Central Workshop of Osaka City Univ.//Fabrica  17   19 - 30 2005

  • Atomic-level material processing and its mechanism

    M. Aono, H. Uchida, D. H. Huang, A. Kobayashi, F. Gray

    The Japan Society of Precision Engineering//Journal of Precision Engineering  59 ( 1 ) 25 - 29 1993

  • Tip-sample interactions in the scanning tunneling microscope and their application to atom manipuration

    M. Aono, A. Kobayashi, G. Francois, H. Uchida, D. H. Huang, J. Yoshinobu

    The Japan Society of Applied Physics//OYOBUTURI  61 ( 12 ) 1264 - 1268 1992

  • Atom Craft

    M. Aono, A. Kobayashi, H. Uchida, H. Nejo, E. Nomura

    The Crystallographic Society of Japan//Journal of the Crystallographic Society of Japan  33 ( 3 ) 158 - 168 1991

  • Field evaporation from the tip and the sample in scanning tunneling microscope

    A. Kobayashi, G. Francois, M. Aono

    Kagaku Kogyosha, Inc.//Chemical Industry  42 ( 12 ) 944 - 951 1991