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Sugimoto Campus

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Analytical chemistry, Photochemistry

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  • His research focuses on optical trappings of soft nanomaterials by means of
    fluorescence/Raman microspectroscopy. In particular, plasmon-based optical trapping (POT) is
    mainly investigated toward molecular manipulation. Applying POT for analytical chemistry, he
    recently developed a molecular extraction method based on POT of thermoresponsive polymer
    chains. Raman microspectroscopy was his powerful tool to analyze the synthesized polymer

Research Interests 【 display / non-display

Microspectroscopy, Plasmonics, photochemistry, Photon force

Awards & Honors 【 display / non-display

  • Electronics, Information and Systems Technical Committee Awards for 2016

    2016   The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

  • Optical Manipulation Conference 2014, The OMC Award

    2014   Optical Manipulation Conference

  • 36th JSAP Young Scientist Award for 2014

    2014   The Japan Society of Applied Physics

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  • Osaka City University   Graduate School of Science   Molecular Materials Science Course   Lecturer  

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  • 2013

    Postdoctoral Researcher, Osaka City University  

  • 2011

    Postdoctoral Researcher, Hokkaido University  

  • 2010

    Research Fellow (Dc2), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  

Graduating School 【 display / non-display


    Gunma National College of Technology  


Published Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Dynamics of the Phase Separation in a Thermoresponsive Polymer: Accelerated Phase Separation of Stereocontrolled Poly(N,N-diethylacrylamide) in Water

    Matsurnoto Mitsuhiro, Tada Takanori, Asoh Taka-Aki, Shoji Tatsuya, Nishiyama Takashi, Horibe Hideo, Katsumoto Yukiteru, Tsuboi Yasuyuki

    LANGMUIR  34 ( 45 ) 13690 - 13696 2018.11  [Refereed]


  • Laser trapping/confocal Raman spectroscopic characterization of PLGA-PEG nanoparticles

    Yang Jie, Zhang Ruo-Nan, Liu Dong-Jie, Zhou Xu, Shoji Tatsuya, Tsuboi Yasuyuki, Yan Hu

    Royal Society of Chemistry ({RSC}) SOFT MATTER  14 ( 40 ) 8090 - 8094 2018.10  [Refereed]


  • Local Melting of Gold Thin Films by Femtosecond Laser-Interference Processing to Generate Nanoparticles on a Source Target

    Nakata Yoshiki, Murakawa Keiichi, Miyanaga Noriaki, Narazaki Aiko, Shoji Tatsuya, Tsuboi Yasuyuki

    NANOMATERIALS  8 ( 7 ) 477 2018.07  [Refereed]

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    Shape- and size-controlled metallic nanoparticles are very important due to their wide applicability. Such particles have been fabricated by chemosynthesis, chemical-vapor deposition, and laser processing. Pulsed-laser deposition and laser-induced dot transfer use ejections of molten layers and solid-liquid-solid processes to fabricate nanoparticles with a radius of some tens to hundreds of nm. In these processes, the nanoparticles are collected on an acceptor substrate. In the present experiment, we used laser-interference processing of gold thin films, which deposited nanoparticles directly on the source thin film with a yield ratio. A typical nanoparticle had roundness fr=0.99 and circularity fcirc=0.869, and the radius was controllable between 69 and 188 nm. The smallest radius was 82 nm on average, and the smallest standard deviation was 3 nm. The simplicity, high yield, and ideal features of the nanoparticles produced by this method will broaden the range of applications of nanoparticles in fields such as plasmonics.


  • Optical tweezing and binding at high irradiation powers on black-Si

    Shoji Tatsuya, Mototsuji Ayaka, Balcytis Armandas, Linklater Denver, Juodkazis Saulius, Tsuboi Yasuyuki

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS  7   12298 2017.09  [Refereed]


  • Rapid hydrogel repair utilizing microgel architectures

    Asoh Taka-Aki, Kinoshita Hisayoshi, Shoji Tatsuya, Kikuchi Akihiko, Tsuboi Yasuyuki

    MATERIALS CHEMISTRY FRONTIERS  1 ( 8 ) 1594 - 1599 2017.08  [Refereed]


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Review Papers (Misc) 【 display / non-display

  • プラズモン光ピンセットを用いたDNAマイクロパターニング

    東海林 竜也,坪井 泰之

    OPTRONICS  37 ( 1 ) 132 - 137 2018.01  [Refereed]  [Invited]

  • 光ピンセットを用いた温度応答性高分子リッチドメインの顕微分光分析

    東海林竜也, 坪井泰之

    公益社団法人 高分子学会 高分子論文集  75 ( 3 ) 243 - 253 2018  [Refereed]  [Invited]

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    溶液中を分散する鎖状高分子やナノ粒子のラマン分光情報を選択的に取得できれば,高分子の構造や物性をより精密に評価できるであろう.これに対し,光の電磁気学的作用である光圧を利用すると高分子を捕まえ,顕微分光学的手法により高分子構造を分析できる.筆者らは,この光ピンセット・顕微ラマン分光法を用いて,相分離により形成された温度応答性高分子リッチドメイン中の高分子濃度を見積ることに成功した.さらに,光圧により形成した高分子リッチドメイン中に,溶液中に微量に溶解する有機分子を抽出・検出する分析手法を開発した.本報では,代表的な温度応答性高分子であるpoly(<i>N</i>-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM)の光捕捉挙動とそのメカニズム,および高分子リッチドメインの高分子濃度決定手法を中心に述べるとともに,光捕捉したPNIPAM分子集合体への蛍光色素分子の抽出・検出法についても述べる.

    DOI CiNii

  • プラズモン光ピンセットによる有機分子の濃縮・顕微分光分析法の開発

    東海林 竜也, 坪井 泰之

    光学  46 ( 6 ) 224 - 224 2017.06  [Refereed]  [Invited]

  • プラズモンで駆動する光ピンセット:分子マニピュレーションを目指して

    坪井 泰之, 東海林 竜也

    化学工業  68 ( 4 ) 18 - 25 2017.04  [Refereed]  [Invited]


  • プラズモン光ピンセットによるソフトマターの捕捉

    東海林竜也, 坪井泰之

    応用物理  86 ( 1 ) 45‐49 2017.01  [Refereed]  [Invited]


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Conference Activities & Talks 【 display / non-display

  • 光ピンセットを用いた種々の温度応答性ポリマー液滴のラマン分光分析

    東海林 竜也, 藤原 華代, 松本 充央, 麻生 隆彬, 坪井 泰之

    日本化学会 第99春季年会(2019)  2019.03 

  • Fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) of J-/H-dye aggregates on plasmonic nanostructures

    Tatsuya SHOJI  [Invited]

    International Workshop on Integrated Nanooptics & Nanophotonics  2019.03 

  • Optical Tweezers Combined with Raman Microspectroscopy for Micro-Analysis of a Single Micro-Droplet of Polyacrylamides

    Tatsuya Shoji, Mitsuhiro Matsumoto, Kayo Fujiwara, Yuta Koda, Hideo Horibe, Yasuyuki Tsuboi

    The 10th Asian Photochemistry Conference (APC2018)  2018.12 

  • プラズモニクスと光ピンセットへの展開

    Tatsuya SHOJI  [Invited]

    日本学術振興会 情報科学用有機材料第142委員会「有機光エレクトロニクス部会 第82回研究会」  (Kyoto, Kyoto)  2018.10  The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

  • ナノ構造体を用いた新奇光捕捉法の開発と展開

    Tatsuya SHOJI  [Invited]

    日本分析化学会 第67年会  (Kawauchi-Kita Campus, Tohoku University)  2018.09  The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry

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