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  • Tokyo Institute of Technology -  Dr.sci.

  • Meiji University -  M., Eng.

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Organomatallic Chemistry

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  • Creation of transformation of organic molecule by the transition metal complex

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  • Creation of transformation of organic molecule by the transition metal complex

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    Keyword in research subject:  Organometallic Chemistry

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  • The Chemical Society of Japan

  • The Society of Silicon Chemistry, Japan

  • The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan

  • TheKinki Chemical Society Japan

  • Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry

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  • Daicel Chemical Industries Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan


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  • Osaka City University   Graduate School of Science   Molecular Materials Science Course   Lecturer  

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  • 2007

    Osaka City University  

  • 2005

    Osaka City University  

  • 2004

    Osaka City University  

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    Tokyo Institute of Technology  Graduate School, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering  Department of Environmental Chemistry & Engineering 

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    Meiji University   Faculty of Science and Engineering   Department of Industrial Chemistry


Published Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Dehydrogenative Sn-E (E = S, Se) bond formation catalyzed by an iron complex

    Itazaki Masumi, Ogawa Yudai, Nakamura Wataru, Nakazawa Hiroshi

    HETEROATOM CHEMISTRY  29 ( 5-6 )  2018.12  [Refereed]


  • Selective Double Addition Reaction of an E-H Bond (E = Si, B) to a C equivalent to N Triple Bond of Organonitriles

    Itazaki Masumi, Nakazawa Hiroshi

    MOLECULES  23 ( 11 )  2018.11  [Refereed]


  • Iridium-Catalyzed Aerobic Coupling of Salicylaldehydes with Alkynes: A Remarkable Switch of Oxacyclic Product

    Yamane Shintaro, Hinoue Tomoaki, Usuki Yoshinosuke, Itazaki Masumi, Nakazawa Hiroshi, Hayashi Yoshihiro, Kawauchi Susumu, Miura Masahiro, Satoh Tetsuya

    CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL  24 ( 31 ) 7852 - 7855 2018.06  [Refereed]


  • Dihydride Iron Complex Bearing a Silyl-Tethered Cyclopentadienyl Ligand

    Kamitani Masahiro, Nishiguchi Yoshinori, Itazaki Masumi, Nakazawa Hiroshi

    BULLETIN OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN  91 ( 4 ) 588 - 593 2018.04  [Refereed]

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    <p>A silyl-tethered dihydride iron complex was synthesized by photolysis of a monohydride iron complex bearing a pendant hydrosilyl group. The coordination mode of the two hydrides and the tethered silyl ligand was investigated by <sup>1</sup>H NMR spectroscopy and DFT calculations. Despite the Si–H interactions, the prepared complex readily eliminated molecular hydrogen upon heating or addition of L-type ligands, namely, pyridine or CO, to afford new silyl-tethered complexes. Notably, the pyridine complex exhibited alcohol dehydrogenation activity.</p>

    DOI CiNii

  • Selective Double Hydroboration and Dihydroborylsilylation of Organonitriles by an Iron-indium Cooperative Catalytic System

    Ito Masaki, Itazaki Masumi, Nakazawa Hiroshi

    INORGANIC CHEMISTRY  56 ( 22 ) 13709 - 13714 2017.11  [Refereed]


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Books etc 【 display / non-display

  • Iron-Catalyzed Cross-Dehydrogenative-Coupling Reactions

    Itazaki Masumi, Nakazawa Hiroshi (Part: Joint Work )

    IRON CATALYSIS II Springer  2015

  • 無機化学演習 : 大学院入試問題を中心に

    中沢 浩, 西岡 孝訓, 篠田 哲史, 廣津 昌和, 三宅 弘之, 板崎 真澄 (Part: Joint Work )

    東京化学同人  2012


  • Fe-H Complexes in Catalysis

    Nakazawa Hiroshi, Itazaki Masumi (Part: Joint Work )


Review Papers (Misc) 【 display / non-display

  • Cutting of acetonitrile C-C bonding using complex having Fe-Si bonds.

    62   36 - 40 2007

Conference Activities & Talks 【 display / non-display

  • 四座リン配位子を有する鉄触媒を用いたヒドロシランの重合反応

    土中陽介, 板崎真澄, 森内敏之, 中沢浩

    第8回CSJ化学フェスタ  2018.10 

  • イソシアナートのヒドロホスフィン化を用いたホスフィンカルボキシアミドの合成

    松谷崇生, 板崎真澄, 森内敏之, 中沢 浩

    第8回CSJ化学フェスタ  2018.10 

  • Iron Complex Catalyzing Regioselective Synthesis of Vinylphosphines and Unsymmetric Diphosphines, and Reactivity of Intermediate Complexes

    M. Itazaki, S. Katsube, T. Nochida, H. Nakazawa

    43rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC2018)  2018.07 

  • 鉄触媒を用いたダブルヒドロホスフィン化反応による四配位リン化合物の合成と反応性

    後田朋哉, 板崎真澄, 中沢 浩

    日本化学会第98春季年会  2018.03 

  • 三ハロゲン化インジウムを Z 型配位子とするルテニウム錯体の反応性


    第7回CSJ化学フェスタ  2017.10 

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