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Sugimoto Campus

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  •  -  Doctor of Engineering

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Intelligent Mechanics and Machine System, Thermal engineering, Optimizing control for power train of automobile.

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  • Optimizing Control ot Exhaust Gas Emissun Using A/F confnol

    (Collaboration in Organization)

    Keyword in research subject:  Gasoline Ensie, Air fuel ratio, Exhaust Gas Purification

  • Optimization of Fuel Consumption of Engine-CVT consolidated control

    (Collaboration in Organization)

    Keyword in research subject:  Gasoline Engine, Continuously Variable Transmission, Fuel Consumption

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  • Osaka City University   Graduate School of Engineering   Mechanical and Physical Engineering Course   Associate Professor  

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    Osaka City University  Graduate School, Division of Engineering 

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    Osaka City University   Faculty of Engineering  


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  • リーン限界性能向上のための燃焼変動率の予測に関する基礎検討:-燃焼圧センサーを用いたIMEP 変動率の予測-

    阿部 己和, 梶谷 満信, 瀧山 武

    公益社団法人 自動車技術会 自動車技術会論文集  52 ( 1 ) 1 - 6 2021.01  [Refereed]

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    DOI CiNii


    Takeshi TAKIYAMA, Junichi FUJITA

    Proceedings of the FISITA Web Congress 2020  2020.11  [Refereed]

  • Real-time Path Planning using Clothoid Curve for a Vehicle Turning Control to Pass Through Any Target Point

    Takeshi Takiyama ,Junichi Fujita

    Trans. JSAE  51 ( 6 ) 1012 - 1018 2020.11  [Refereed]

  • Target trajectory generation using clothoid curve and vehicle control for obstacle avoidance of automated driving

    TAKIYAMA Takeshi, FUJITA Junichi

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese)  86 ( 883 )  2020.03  [Refereed]

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    <p>In order to avoid an obstacle automatically for an automated vehicle, this paper investigated a method to generate a target trajectory using a clothoid curve and to control the vehicle. Although a mathematical constraints or a potential methods are often used to generate the target trajectory for an obstacle avoidance, it requires trial and error and experience, and it is also necessary to consider the vehicle's drivability. The clothoid curve is often used for a road curve design, therefore, the curve is considered to be suitable for the characteristics of a vehicle driving. Although a clothoid curve passing through a target point is necessary for obstacle avoidance, such clothoid curve is often obtained by trial and error. Therefore, the numerical analyses were executed to obtain the characteristics of the clothoid curve, then, the method was investigated to generate the clothoid curve to pass through the target point. Furthermore, a method to generate a target avoidance trajectory was also investigated expanding the generated clothoid curve based on the traveling characteristics of a vehicle. For driving on the target trajectory satisfactory, both the position and turning angle of the vehicle are controlled by means of a steering manuplation. The controller was constructed using a 1-input 2-output system, therefore, it is very difficult to satisfy both value at the same time. Furthermore, it is also necessary to consider a nonholonomic characteristics of the vehicle. From these point, this paper investigated the optimal control using nonlinear least square probrem sequential quadratic programming(NLSSQP) by means of the time behaviour of input and output in the evaluation value. Well expected results are obtained and shown in the simulation and the experiment.</p>

    DOI CiNii

  • フィードフォワード制御系の適応化による過渡時エンジン回転速度制御の精度向上の検討

    瀧山 武

    公益社団法人 自動車技術会 自動車技術会論文集  50 ( 3 ) 963 - 969 2019  [Refereed]

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    DOI CiNii

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  • Autonomous Vehicle Control for Avoiding Obstacle using Clothoid Trajectory and NLSSQP

    Fujita Junichi, Takiyama Takeshi


  • PI and Adaptive Model Matching Control System that Satisfies the Setting Settling Time, application to engine speed control

    Takeshi Takiyama, Tatsuya Yoshikawa, Jinto Noh, Yuzo Ohta

    IFAC Papers OnLine, 3rd IFAC Conference on Advances in Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control PID 2018  2018.05 

  • Investigation on Adaptation for Speed Control System of Gasoline Engine using the Design Method of Servo System to Attain the Given Settling Time

    Takiyama Takeshi, Yoshikawa Tatsuya, Noh Jinto, Ohta Yuzo

    The Japan Joint Automatic Control Conference, Proceedings of the Japan Joint Automatic Control Conference  2017.11 

  • Experimental Investigation about Avoidance Area Management for Obstacle Avoidance of Autonomous Vehicle using Model Predictive Control


  • Investigation on Applying Model Predictive Control for Air Fuel Ratio Control in Transient State


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