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Sugimoto Campus

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  • Osaka City University -  Master (Engineering)

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Functional solid state chemistry

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  • Synthesis and characterization of photochromic compounds that change their color upon photoirradiation.

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Photochromism, Photomechanical materials, Solid-state luminescence

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  • Osaka City University   Graduate School of Engineering   Applied Chemistry and Bioengineering Course   Lecturer  

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  • 2015.04

    Osaka City University  

Graduate School 【 display / non-display

  • 2012.04

    Osaka City University  Graduate School, Division of Engineering 

  • 2010.04

    Osaka City University  Graduate School, Division of Engineering 

Graduating School 【 display / non-display

  • 2006.04

    Osaka City University   Faculty of Engineering  


Published Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Photoluminescence On/Off Switching of a Single Colloidal Quantum Dot Using Photochromic Diarylethene

    Yano Nanoka, Yamauchi Mitsuaki, Kitagawa Daichi, Kobatake Seiya, Masuo Sadahiro

    JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C  124 ( 31 ) 17423 - 17429 2020.08  [Refereed]


  • Nanosecond laser photothermal effect-triggered amplification of photochromic reactions in diarylethene nanoparticles

    Ishibashi Yukihide, Nakai Shoki, Masuda Keisuke, Kitagawa Daichi, Kobatake Seiya, Asahi Tsuyoshi

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS  56 ( 52 ) 7088 - 7091 2020.07  [Refereed]


  • Enhancement of coloring under ultraviolet irradiation in photochromic diarylbenzenes

    Hamatani Shota, Kitagawa Daichi, Nakahama Tatsumoto, Kobatake Seiya

    TETRAHEDRON LETTERS  61 ( 24 )  2020.06  [Refereed]


  • Photoreversible Birefringence Change of Diarylethene Single Crystals as Revealed by Change in Molecular Polarizability Anisotropy

    Morimoto Kohei, Tsujioka Hajime, Kitagawa Daichi, Kobatake Seiya

    JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A  124 ( 23 ) 4732 - 4741 2020.06  [Refereed]


  • Improving photosensitivity without changing thermal reactivity in photochromic diarylbenzenes based on accurate prediction by DFT calculations

    Kitagawa Daichi, Takahashi Naoko, Nakahama Tatsumoto, Kobatake Seiya

    PHOTOCHEMICAL & PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES  19 ( 5 ) 644 - 653 2020.05  [Refereed]


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Books etc 【 display / non-display

  • Chapter 27: Photoinduced mechanical motion of photochromic crystalline materials

    S. Kobatake, D. Kitagawa (Part: Joint Work )

    Advances in Organic Crystal Chemistry, Comprehensive Reviews 2015, Eds.: R. Tamura, M. Miyata, Springer  2015

     View Summary

    Photochromic compounds undergo a photochemically reversible transfor-mation reaction between two isomers. Such molecules in organic crystals, which are regularly oriented and fixed in the crystal lattice, may be potentially useful for optoelectronic devices, such as optical memory, photoswitchable color filter, photoswitchable polarizer, photomechanical actuator, and so on. This chapter has focused on photochromism of the diarylethene crystals and their photomechanical phenomena, such as crystal bending and twisting.

Conference Activities & Talks 【 display / non-display

  • Photomechanical behavior of photochromic diarylethene crystals

    Daichi Kitagawa  [Invited]

    日本化学会第100回春季年会  2020.03 

  • Irradiation method dependence of photoinduced shape change of diarylethene crystals

    Seiya Kobatake, Daichi Kitagawa , Akira Hirano

    9th Intenational Symposium on Photochromism  2019.09 

  • Photoinduced Shape Change of Twin Crystals Composed of a Diarylethene Having a Long Alkyl Chain

    Takuya Higashiguchi, Daichi Kitagawa, Seiya Kobatake

    2019年光化学討論会  2019.09 

  • Photomechanical behavior for diarylethene crystals with different size or morphology and diarylethenenanoporous template composite

    Mami Isobe, Daichi Kitagawa, Seiya Kobatake

    2019年光化学討論会  2019.09 

  • Dependence of Photoluminescence Switching Properties of Quantum Dot Coated with Diarylethene on Coated Number

    Yuya Seto, Daichi Kitagawa, DaeGwi Kim, Seiya Kobatake

    2019年光化学討論会  2019.09 

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Charge of on-campus class subject 【 display / non-display

  • English Exercises in Chemistry

    (2019) University, Special course

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  • Contribution to University-wide Cross-training program


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