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Sugimoto Campus

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  • Osaka City University -  Master of Engineering

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Thermal engineering, Eating habits, Measurement engineering, Drying technology

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  • It is required to improve the quality of products such as chemical materials, foods, agricultural products by thermal process. At the same time, saving energy and to reduce environmental burden are also required. To meet these demand, we are working on the development of new devices and equipment by using high temperature steam (superheated steam under around atmospheric pressure) and humid air of various temperature and humidity.

    Major research subjects
    1. Advanced usage on superheated steam and high humidity air for drying, food and material processing
    2. Development of humidity measurement and control equipment
    3. Multifaceted examination of energy conservation method of cooking and food processing based on real (on-site) situation
    4. Thermal analysis of steam oven for improving utilization technology, energy efficiency and usability

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drying, humidity, superheated steam, food processing

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  • Analysis and Application of Superheated Steam Drying

    (Collaboration in Organization) Project Year :


    Keyword in research subject:  Superheated Steam, Drying, radiation

  • Advanced utilization of amaranth seeds

    (Collaboration in Organization)

    Keyword in research subject:  popping

  • Development of High Performance Absorption Heat pump

    (Collaboration in Japan)

    Keyword in research subject:  Absorption, Marangoni Convection, Surfactant

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  • Japan society for food engineering

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  • 2007

    Japan society for food engineering  

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  • Osaka City University   Graduate School of Engineering   Mechanical and Physical Engineering Course   Professor  

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    Osaka City University  Graduate School, Division of Engineering 

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    Osaka City University   Faculty of Engineering  


Published Papers 【 display / non-display

  • 食品用プラスチック容器包装における発泡メカニズム

    井上 保, 塩野 剛, 伊與田 浩志

    日本食品工学会誌  19 ( 3 ) 145 - 150 2018.09  [Refereed]

  • Measurement of constant drying rate of wet material placed in a fluidized bed of inert particles under reduced pressure

    Yuji Tatemoto, Ryo Ogawa, Hiroyuki Iyota

    Drying Technology  2017.12  [Refereed]


  • Development of Two New Types of Retroreflective Materials as Countermeasures to Urban Heat Islands

    Hideki Sakai, Hiroyuki Iyota

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THERMOPHYSICS  38 ( 131 )  2017.09  [Refereed]


  • Study on Humidity-Measuring Method Using Wetted Porous Ceramics for High-Temperature Gas

    Kohei Miura, Taiki Matsumoto, Hiroyuki Iyota, Akihiro Morikawa, Tetsuo Tsujioka , Michiaki Tanaka, Naoki Uesugi

    JAPAN SOCIETY OF THERMOPHYSICAL PROPERTIES, Netsu Bussei  30 ( 1 ) 9 - 17 2016.02  [Refereed]

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    In the process of heat-treating of materials during food processing by employing hot air or high temperature steam, the gas flow temperature, humidity, and pressure significantly affect the processed materials. In this study, we developed a humidity-measuring device that can continuously measure hot air flow above the boiling point. The measuring method is based on the principle of the psychrometer. Porous ceramics processed by injection molding are used as the wetted material for a wet-bulb thermometer. Accuracy is evaluated by using a humidity generator that can generate arbitrary humidity over 100°C of humid air to superheated steam. The measurements were conducted under gas flow temperatures ranging from 160°C to 300°C, and at a gas flow velocity of 3 m/s.

    DOI CiNii

  • Effects of Cooking and Placement Conditions, Heat Capacity of an Oven Plate, and Thickness of Meat Samples upon Change in their Internal Temperatures after Oven Cooking

    Keiko Nakamura, Keiko Nakamoto, Chizuru Yagi, Toyoko Watanabe, Kimiko Ishiwata, Kyoko Ohishi, Sadako Takasaki, Yasuko Matsuda, Junko Yamagata, Hiroyuki Iyota, Kuniko Sugiyama, Shoko Shibukawa

    The Japan Society of Cookery Science, Journal of Cookery Science of Japan  49 ( 1 ) 26 - 34 2016.01  [Refereed]

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    This study investigated the effects of cooking and placement conditions, heat capacity of an oven plate, and thickness of meat samples upon change in their internal temperatures after oven cooking.In the condition wherein the oven plate was covered after oven cooking, the internal temperature of the samples was maintained at over 75°C. This temperature was maintained for a longer duration than that for the condition wherein the samples were not covered. The heat capacity of the oven plate (weight-to-area ratio) affected the retention time of the central temperature (over 75°C) of the samples. The thickness of the samples had negligible effect on the retention time. The retention time of the central temperature (over 75°C) of the samples was predicted using the improved calculation model. The values of the calculated time were similar to those obtained through actual measurement, which confirmed the validity of the heat transfer model.

    DOI CiNii

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Conference Activities & Talks 【 display / non-display

  • Perceived gloss evaluation under surface light and point light sources

    Mai Isomi, Hideki Sakai, Iyota Hiroyuki



  • A study on wireless sensor network using relay nodes supporting two channels

    Tetsuo Tsujioka, Daiki Suruga, Hiroyuki Iyota

    SITA2018  2018.12 

  • Development of a Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor Node that can be Placed in Food Processing Ovens Experimental Evaluation of a Wireless Sensor Networking Suitable for Food Factory

    Tetsuo TSUJIOKA, Shouta KITAMURA, Hiroyuki YAMAMOTO, and Hiroyuki IYOTA


  • Simple Generator of Humidity Standard for High Temperature and High Dew-point Range

    Satoshi Yutani, Hidenori Yoshioka, Hiroyuki Iyota, Hisashi Abe


  • Development of hygrometer for high-temperature moist air by temperature measurement of wet porous material - Accuracy improvement based on thermal analysis -

    Shota kitamura, Munemitsu Nomura, Hiroyuki Iyota, Tetsuo Tsujioka, Naoki Uesugi


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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 【 display / non-display

  • Development of a directional high-reflective material for reducing the heat island effect

    Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C) Partaker / Other

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  • Application of the optical-sensor for human circulation and nervous system related to environmental and exercise adaptabilities

    Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A) Partaker / Other

    Project Year :


  • Modeling of Marangoni Convection Induced at Lithium Bromide Aqueous Solution's Surface and its Application to Improve Absorbers Performance

    Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C) Partaker / Other

    Project Year :



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  • Contribution to FD activities


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  • Academic year : 2019

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